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I aim to finish websites within two months, but it is dependent on my workload and current schedule.

I aim to finish all graphic designs within two weeks of your place in line, but it is dependent on my workload and current schedule. I will let you know your queue date upon ordering. I am now taking orders for August & September 2023.

Physical products (bookmarks, bookplates, etc.) are printed by you with a third party such as VistaPrint. I am only the designer and will send you the designs upon completion. Please order knowing that I cannot control third party printers and their shipping.

Upon ordering, I will give you an estimate of the queue. In order to join the queue you will have to pay half of the price of the website as the deposit  and/or pay for the graphics ahead of time.

If you order a website, please be responsive after paying your deposit. If I do not hear from you for over 30 days, your website will be placed at the end of my queue. Deposits are non-refundable.

Please note: I am a designer and not a tech person.

This timeline excludes all holidays and weekends.

Please keep this in mind when ordering.

There are no refunds on any orders.

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