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It took me a few years to sign with an agent, and along the way, I learned a lot about craft, storytelling, and what agents look for when they go through their query piles. 

At LZ Creative Editorial, I'd like to help you get your book ready to stand out in the query slush.

If you have any questions for me before we get started, please don't hesitate to contact me.


query critique


manuscript critique
$.005 per word

sensitivity read
$.005 per word

Need help with your query letter? I've written and read a bunch of them. I will give your query two (2) passes and help you get to the hook of your book and make it shine in the slush. 

One thing I love to do is help my critique partners with developmental edits and dig into the themes and arcs of a book. I will focus on whatever you ask me to keep a close eye on.

If you choose to, you can buy a critique of only certain chapters or the entire manuscript. The rate will stay the same.

If you are writing Latin American  characters and would like a pass for authenticity, I would love to help. 

Also, you can contact me for a quote to receive a Sensitivity Consultation to dig into the authenticity of a character before they are written.

Note: I was born and raised in the United States but am of El Salvadoran and Spanish descent.

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